About Us


Consultancy Resources International.

We are experienced consultants who have been in senior corporate roles before becoming consultants. We really know how things work from your side of the desk, having experience in a wide range of implementations, we know not only how to effect change, but also know how to bring the team along with it.
It’s about practical hands on implementation, transferring skills and doing it all in a way that makes the change stick and become part of the norm. Our goal is to deliver benefits long after we have left.
Each assignment is tailored individually to the client, their culture and needs and what exactly will work for them. We normally work in small teams, selecting the particular technical knowledge that each consultant has to build the optimum team.

How to Begin?

We begin the process by understanding the issues and what needs to be undertaken, setting how we plan to assist and the projected benefits, in a clear and concise document. Most of our work is undertaken on a fixed price basis.
Once this has been agreed together then we roll up our sleeves and assist you and your team to achieve lasting change, meeting or exceeding the strategic aims and objectives set out, and leaving you and your team skilled to continue the good improvements.
70% of our work is with existing clients and you can see some of their work we performed in our portfolio,
Our slogan of “Making things Happen” is in fact a client quote itself which we felt summed us up quite well.