Consulting Services

We are aware that business systems are a particularly complex area for companies to navigate. The range of options is huge, changes are rapid (in both products and suppliers), and specialist knowledge – or lack of it – all too often confuses understanding.
We believe that brand-selling is too prevalent where every organisation has unique requirements and that post go-live reality is often sadly different from the impression buyers pick up during the sales process. We are completely independent of all  suppliers. We offer a rational, systematic, knowledgeable structured route through the complications.
We work with clients to define real quantified business requirements, identifying what needs to be changed and which benefits are really required. We steer clients through the formation of business systems strategy, work with them to develop the business case and bring a truly independent approach to short list.
We help with the final selection and add additional support during negotiations with potential suppliers, making sure the deal is not just focused on initial capital expenditure. Where required, we can assist by taking on project management to ensure your plans are properly fulfilled.
Our input adds independent expertise to a key management process and provides a strong value proposition, saving time and often leading to significant cost reductions. We offer key risk abatement – of selecting the wrong product and of ending up without the necessary long-term support arrangements.